Library Talk


It makes perfect sense, babe. I’m Curiosity of all things, and I ain’t gonna lie to you when I say that the Duke’s daughter was attractive. BUT, it doesn’t mean for a second that I don’t love you. I get that you’re angry, trust me I thought I had my….impulses…under control, but I really don’t. -shakes head- You weren’t supposed to find out like that, I was gonna tell you the same day the blog did!

-sighs- That’s the only part of this whole thing that makes sense. Is that you’re curiosity but I’m also Protection and with that, comes reason to be protective over things I love and myself an not get hurt. That hurt…Actually, hearing that hurt to, to be honest with you. It’s who I am to protect myself from these things, Zach. Your actions don’t show that right now, you realize that, right? -shakes head- I just..I don’t get it. Should I worry about this each time you go on a mission now? That you’re going to kiss someone each mission? Or each time you catch someone from a fall? People fall all the time, Zach. -pinches bridge of nose, sighing- Yeah, well I found out through that blog instead.